Ulele Restaurant, a Tampa Landmark, Enhanced with Lighting by Accurate Technologies

Recently, the Columbia Restaurant Group Beanstalkcontacted Accurate Technologies for help with their historic Ulele Restaurant located in the  restored Tampa Waterworks building. The restaurant owner acquired several decades old statues from the original Lowry Park Zoo. The statues depict well known nursery rhymes and are embedded in the memories of every Tampa native that grew up in the 60s and 70s.  At the long, wooden ramp Jackentrance of the Ulele property, the restored beanstalk now rises as the central feature, with Jack the giant slayer gazing upward with his axe. Both elements were lit in dramatic fashion by the Accurate team.

On the back patio, Humpty Dumpty sits atop a two story brick wall. The only availaHumpty Dumptyble method of highlighting this statue was to mount the spotlights on top of the existing area fixtures scattered around the property. The Accurate technicians modified the nearest fixtures to serve as mounts for Humpty Dumpty’s illumination, so he’s now warmly lit as he attempts to balance above the restaurant’s guests.