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What’s New in the LED Industry?

The LED industry is constantly evolving and new trends and technology are being developed at a rapid pace. Below are a few of the latest trends in the industry to help keep you up to date.  


The next big thing in lighting will be connectivity or lighting controls. Lighting control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for different situations. Controlling light not only enhances the experience, improves visibility, but it can also result in up to 70% reduction in lighting costs. By upgrading the controls on your lighting system, you can automatically save energy by using occupancy sensors that will automatically turn on or off depending on whether the room is occupied. Daylight harvesting using photo-sensors, can detect natural light levels and adjust your lighting accordingly to save energy. By using sensors for occupancy and daylight harvesting, you can dim or turn off lighting when it is not being used. Turning the lights down by just a small percentage will result in energy savings without forfeiting the room’s light levels. The use of lighting controls can help create the perfect balance between natural and electric light and create an inviting and energy efficient environment.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Lighting is an ideal setting for internet-of-things services to be built on, because it’s already in the ceiling of every building wired up and ready to go. You only have to add sensors, such as photocells, cameras or occupancy sensors, and a data connection.


Everything’s going wireless these days, and lighting control is no exception. It’s going to be more and more common for the user’s control device to be a tablet or phone that’s not wired to anything. The advantage of this new technology means there is no need to install new wires on to most current systems.


We’ve all heard of Wi-Fi, but the next thing might be Li-Fi. Instead of accessing the Internet wirelessly using radio frequencies, like Wi-Fi does, you use the visible light spectrum. Li-Fi uses the light waves from LED light bulbs to transmit data so it provides illumination and wireless data communications at the same time and with the same device. Wherever there is an LED light, there is the potential with Li-Fi to access the Internet at incredibly fast speeds in a safe and secure manner. Fundamentally, the competitive advantages of Li-Fi over traditional radio-based communications stem from the physics of the propagation medium. Light by its very nature is directional, does not penetrate opaque objects and is inherently safe, offering more secure and better localized wireless communications. Scientists have made it possible to achieve speeds of 224 gigabits per second in the lab using Li-Fi earlier this year, and the potential technology could forever change the way we view and use the Internet.

Light tracking

Lighting isn’t just about light any more. It’s about data. Indoor positioning that tracks people’s position using LED luminaires and their smartphones would help bring the power of GPS indoors. Retailers could enhance the shopping experience with indoor positioning and in-store promotions, giving shoppers new reasons to buy. Hospitals could use the technology to help patients arrive on time for appointments and reduce stress. Businesses could help warehouse staff work more efficiently with easier product finding and location-based stocking instructions. Employers could give employees lighting and temperature controls for their workspaces, or could suggest nearby empty meeting rooms based on current location, making them more comfortable and productive. The applications are limitless and the market is just now understanding how to utilize the technology.

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Accurate Technologies at Lightfair 2016

Accurate Technologies was at Lightfair April 25th-28th in San Diego, CA seeing the latest technologies and products in the LED industry. The conference brought together the innovators and brightest companies in the LED industry from around the world. Lightfair is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. The conference featured categories such as controls, decorative, alternative energy, Internet of Things and other thousands of new products. In addition, at Lightfair 2016, there were over 500 exhibitors and over 200 hours of world-class accredited education. We were able to learn about upcoming trends, see the latest products, and train with the latest technology in the LED industry. This conference will help Accurate Technologies deliver the best LED solutions for our clients and better serve our community. If you would like a Free Energy Audit, or Photometric Layout to avoid code violations, contact us today. To find out what’s new in the industry and how it can help you save money, contact us today at 888-439-7656 or www.accuratetechinc.com

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We’re prepared to engage your LED lighting needs at any point in the process. From building maintenance professionals who need to reduce the expenses of existing buildings to architects searching for a way to meet the strict efficiency standards of new projects, Accurate Technologies looks forward to providing the information you need to make an informed purchase.

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How a Facility Executive Can Increase Their Budget

How a Facility Executive Can Increase Their Budget
Shrinking Capital Budgets are a trend that many facility managers are facing. It is difficult to get a “yes” from senior management, even though there may be a leaky roof that needs to be fixed. Facility managers understand that it is not about how much money is available, it is making sure money is available when needed. In order for a facility manager to have his budget increase in the future, they need to show that they are adding value to the organization today. The question is how?
The best way to add value to the company and deliver measurable results is to improve how a facility operates. Improving efficiency is something that can be measured and the savings can be built into the next year’s budget. One way to achieve savings and show measurable ROI is by moving to LED lighting systems. Saving energy means saving money-both in the present and in the future. LED lighting systems have proven ROI and the results can be seen in the power bill immediately. If a facility manager’s recommendation starts saving 25%-30% off the annual power bill, that is measurable money saved, and their budget is sure to increase in the future based on the savings.
When approaching the CEO or CFO, you want to remember the 4 P’s, Professional, Practical, Proof and Perspective. The presentation should be easy to navigate, include measurable data, benchmarks and include real world statistics. You also want to include their language. This includes ROI, Payback Period, Total Cost of Ownership and Net Present Value. The first place to start would be to get a free energy audit of your facilities. Once you have this data, you would be able to solve the other key performance indicators the executives would want to know. Energy audits offer a beneficial way to examine energy needs and measure their costs against the return on investment for all proposed improvements. Below are some helpful articles that should help you get the ball rolling after your audit. For your FREE ENERGY AUDIT, call Accurate Technologies Inc. at 813-623-2481 or enter your information online at http://www.accuratetechinc.com .

– Steven Williams

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