NEMA Publishes New White Paper on How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published a white paper that discusses new requirements that help reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings. NEMA WD ARCP 1-2016 Automatic Receptacle Control to Meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and California (CA) Title 24 explains the controlled receptacle requirement now appearing within non-residential energy codes, as well as a summary of typical application settings.

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Advances in building construction methodology and product technology have allowed for greater energy efficiency in building design than ever before. In the recent past, HVAC and lighting presented the greatest opportunities to reduce power consumption and conserve energy. Designers and manufacturers have been implementing solutions targeting these systems. Office equipment, appliances, and plug-in lighting loads are the next major area for potential reduction of energy use through management and control. Today, much of what is plugged into a convenience receptacle is uncontrolled. Based on data from the Energy Information Administration Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey of 2012, approximately 30% of the energy used in buildings is by loads that are plugged in.

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