The Gentile Group Upgrades Office Lighting

The Gentile Group saw an opportunity to significantly improve the quality of light in one of their office buildings, while embracing the energy saving potential of a state of the art LED lighting system. The business chose Accurate Technologies to upgrade their lighting system and the results were dramatic. Accurate Technologies was able to raise the lighting levels from 8.52 foot candles to 33.1. This improved lighting quality, along with the energy savings will have a major impact on the business for years to come.

About The Gentile Group

The Gentile Group, LLC (TGG) is a real estate operating company based in Clearwater, Florida. The company is focused on creating long-term value through the acquisition, development and management of residential and commercial real estate assets. With over 50 years of combined experience, the senior management team and staff are uniquely qualified to deliver superior investment results. The current portfolio consists of office buildings, warehouse properties and multi-family assets.

About Accurate Technologies

Accurate Technologies is a team of professionals who deliver varied talents and experience to the LED market. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs with lifelong involvement in the lighting, wholesale distribution, electronic technology and construction fields, we understand our products as thoroughly as we understand our clients.

We’re prepared to engage your LED lighting needs at any point in the process. From building maintenance professionals who need to reduce the expenses of existing buildings to architects searching for a way to meet the strict efficiency standards of new projects, Accurate Technologies looks forward to providing the information you need to make an informed purchase.

While we attempt to make our website informative, there’s no substitute for a personal connection.  Contact us today. We want to be more than your supply house- we want to be your solution in an ever more technologically complex industry.

Foot Candle
Foot Candle Reading Before LED Upgrading


Before LED Upgrade


Foot Candle After

Foot Candle Reading After Upgrade

After Upgrade Picture