Cellular Sales, a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer, Upgrades Parking Lot Lights with help of Accurate Technologies, Inc.

Cellular Sales, has chosen Accurate Technologies, Inc. to upgrade their parking lighting system at its New Port Richey location. Accurate Technologies will provide state-of-the-art LED lighting throughout the parking lot and exterior of the building. The newly installed LED lights will provide the location with increased energy efficiency and help increase security. In addition, the new 300W LED Area Lights will replace the 1000W Metal Halides, greatly reducing energy costs and providing a better quality of light output. Customers will enjoy the dramatic difference the upgraded lighting provides and benefit with increased security.

About Cellular Sales

Cellular sales is a full-service store for Verizon Wireless products and service. The newest 4G/LTE smartphones, devices and tablets are available locally in New Port Richey. Cellular Sales is a management company that operates authorized wireless phone stores for Verizon Wireless throughout the United States.  Cellular Sales believes that it owes the company’s success to a simple and unrelenting focus on total customer satisfaction. This dedication to customers has become a corporate mission and is the backbone of success.

About Accurate Technologies         

Accurate Technologies is a team of professionals who deliver varied talents and experience to the LED market. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs with lifelong involvement in the lighting, wholesale distribution, electronic technology and construction fields, we understand our products as thoroughly as we understand our clients.

We’re prepared to help your LED lighting needs at any point in the process. From building maintenance professionals who need to reduce the expenses of existing buildings to architects searching for a way to meet the strict efficiency standards of new projects, Accurate Technologies looks forward to providing the information you need to make an informed purchase.