Best Line Oil upgrades to LED lighting to better serve the community

Best Line Oil Co. Inc., one of the largest lubricant distributors in central Florida, upgraded the warehouse lighting at its Tampa facility. The company partnered with Accurate Technologies, Inc. to equip the warehouse with Flextronics 4 Module LED fixtures, which increased light levels while simultaneously cutting down on the company’s energy bill.

Kirk Davis of Accurate Technologies states, “At the beginning of this project, I surveyed the warehouse and found that the lighting was well below standards and not all fixtures were working properly. Also, employees were complaining and errors pulling product happened more than normal.  After surveying the warehouse I did a drawing of the existing lighting system and forwarded the information to our Fixture Agent and requested a photometric layout done using existing locations and also by adding a row of lights in the center. After review with the customer we decided on the Flextronics 4 Module LED fixture with over 24,000 lumens and 95% efficiency compared to the 2 lamp 8 Ft. Fluorescent fixture with just over 10,000 lumens and 60% efficiency. We did a one for one swap and increased the light levels significantly.  The owner and employees are ecstatic. Since we put in LED product with dimming drivers and sensors on each fixture we now have the ability to dim the fixtures or turn them off when no one is in the area. The old lamps had an average life of 12,000 hours and now the new LED fixtures have a L70 rating projected at 200,000 hours.”

President of Best Line Oil, Al Garcia, III, immediately noticed the incredible difference in the warehouse stating, “There is an incredible difference from what we had here, you can’t believe how happy the guys working in my warehouse are now!”  The lighting upgrade will also generate long-term energy reductions and maintenance cost savings in addition to the better light quality so that Best Line Oil can continue to deliver the quality of service to the community for which they have been known

Best Line Pics from PSD

Best Line Oil Company, founded in 1941 is one of the largest lubricants distributors in central Florida. Founded on the principles of being a service and quality oriented company, Best Line Oil Company is proud to offer the quality brands of Shell, Total and Phillips 66. Located in the heart of Ybor City Tampa, Best Line Oil Company has a bulk tank farm with a capacity in excess of 180,000 gallons as well as a 20,000 square foot warehouse. Best Line Oil drivers have many years of experience in the lubricants business and the company’s fleet of trucks can handle all of its customer’s needs. Best Line Oil’s office staff and sales force have extensive experience in the lubricants industry and are capable of providing our customers with the proper lubricants for any application.

About Accurate Technologies, Inc.

Accurate Technologies is a full service supplier of LED lighting solutions. Clients include commercial contractors, electricians, building maintenance departments and property management firms.  With the latest lighting technology platform Accurate Technologies can facilitate lighting packages for many settings including: medical, retail spaces, street lighting, parking garages, office buildings, resorts, and schools.  ATI can also ease the process of installation by recommending qualified technicians through its service network.

Accurate Technologies focuses on highly efficient lighting technologies, but just as importantly, make sure that recommendations are visually appealing and effective for the end user.  The company provides only high quality LED lighting products which have passed rigorous safety, performance and efficiency standards, and Accurate Technologies is committed to serving its clients with responsive, helpful service.


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